Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Impact of Bullying

By The Bully Blog with 2 comments


All of these points are so valid and are exactly why bullying needs to stop. I am also creating a blog that is along the lines of bullying, but is geared toward bullying against LGBT teens specifically. LGBT teen suicide is a serious problem that is overlooked way too often. It is sad that we are in the 21sr century and teens are still being bullied simply for who they are and it is pushing them to taking their own lives. I am a strong advocate for LGBT rights and I believe in showing love and compassion with the hopes of saving a life. I am currently working on a blog that is geared towards teens that might be feeling suicidal and families of the LGBT teens and showing them the importance of showing them love and acceptance. Also, I will create a few posts that are geared towards conservative Christians that will leave them thinking and hopefully persuade them to show love rather than judging. Here is the link and I hope you will enjoy and support my efforts!

You also forgot that people who are bullied have a higher chance of suicide

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