Sunday, October 4, 2015

Nothing's Forever

Nothing’s forever…everything you experience, every hardship and ordeal is a part of a master-plan intended to teach you something, or lead you somewhere. As hard as today maybe it will end, and there will be a tomorrow to look forward to. You just need the foresight and faith to see it.

By The Bully Blog with 2 comments


This is such an important message to share to anyone who is victimised. One of the most common long-term consequences caused from bullying damage, is identity confusion. Those who are victimised form an attitude of self-reproach and guilt and feel that who they are is at fault. But by realising that this is temporary and there is such a strong community out there of people who understand, it can actually be empowering. Take skateboarding and hardcore punk music, these subcultures exist of values such as alienation, vilification and more importantly unity. I completely agree and only try my best to expose those who suffer to these amazing outlets that are contemporary, cool and extremely useful. Thank you!

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