Wednesday, April 9, 2014

STRAIN (Anti-bullying Silent Short Film)


Two best friends have a deadly falling out when one of them joins a dangerous clique.

Childhood best friends (Michelle Page and Cali Fredrichs) hit emotional crossroads when only one is chosen to join the popular clique in high school (Francia Raisa). The friendship tries to survive — in secret. But on the night of the big Spring Formal, loyalties are tested, ties are severed and friendships end with devastating consequences.

Directed, Written, Produced by Yin Chang
Produced by Deb Havener, Chadwick Armstrong
Executive Produced by Deb Havener, Jason Berrent, Yin Chang
Co-Produced by Lauren Brown
Associate Produced by Lelina Chang, Melora Chang, Aimee Teegarden

Starring (in order of appearance) Francia Raisa, Michelle Page, Cali Fredrichs, Micky Shiloah 

Director of Photography by Chia-Yu Chen
Edited by Robert Lee
Music by Patrick Rundbladh

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