Thursday, February 2, 2012

Anti-Violence Quotes

By The Bully Blog with 2 comments


The more I look around, the more I wonder what the world - more specifically, this country - is coming to. While violence and bullying are definitely hot issues that need to be addressed in an aggressive manner, I think awareness needs to be brought from all angles. I am interested in trying to increase our awareness, but I think it all starts with finding ourselves as individuals.

On my blog, Opinions From an Average Jorge, I will be opining on a wide variety of areas. Considering that my most recent topic dealt with violence and bullying, I will be discussing how technology has not only been a gift, but a curse as well. It is easier to call people out and slander them. Friendships are no longer as meaningful as they once were when there was so much more face to face interaction.

If we want to improve as a people, we must learn to accept one another, regardless of our differences. It was our differences that brought us together when we fought wars in the past. It can also be the main factor in creating a better future for ourselves and our children. Revive the voice of society!

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