Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Delete Cyber Bullying

Delete Cyber Bullying

By The Bully Blog with 7 comments


cyber bullying is a bad as bulling at school. People who cyber bully think its fine because nobody can know who they really were.

Great work, thank you so much for the message you are sending. Thumbs up for stopping bullying! :)

i found a video on cyber bullying and it would be awesome if people could watch it to create awareness

Hi all, I found a great video by singer Becca Levy. She is a talented young lady who raises awareness for anti-bullying. Help spread the message and watch her cover video of Coldplay's "Fix You". The link for the video is posted below.


this shows what people feel when getting bullied i like this post it makes me realize more about bulling .//www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=7926543949681688241#allposts http://elizabeth-mr.blogspot.com/

this is a wounderfull blog and yes no more bulling others leave them alone and make new friends.

We need to stop bullying, and help those that are scared to talk to an adult about it. :)

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