Monday, April 29, 2013

Anti-Bullying Blog Quotes of the day

Anti-Bullying Blog Quotes of the day

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Bullying is such an important and relevant issue still :( so sad...this song is a response to bullies

spread the word, prevent bullying and buy bully prevention shirts today !!

1960, I was 9. Five bullies were tormenting anyone who walked by. I picked up a baseball bat and inflicted exactly the pain onto one bully as they inflicted on me. I did not kill him, no one went to the hospital, no teachers involved, no lawsuits. These bullies never bothered me again.

Everyone should be more concerned and ware about bullying and what effects it has on people. I was bullied for three years and it ruined my self-esteem. After four years of trying to build it back up, im finally myself again, but due tot he excessive bullying it took a huge toll on me as an individual, and affected me in school. Bullying is something that should be watched and taken more seriously.

about the first pulling someone down will never get you to the top......actually that one shouldnt be not saying that its right im just saying.....imagine a bucket full of happens All the time.Look at the top leaders and the people we pay to represent us.The election will be alot of it srtill to come and Im already sick as hell of it.But our society and people maybe are the same as they used to know back when a hand shake sealed a deal and people were taken for their word. and as time goes on we seem to go farther and farther away from the good people we once were

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