Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bullying Behavior vs Respectful Behavior

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What Do You Do?

What do you do when the teacher is allowing this to happen? My seven year old granddaughter, Alayah, is in a class where her teacher allows one of the other student to bully Alayah every day. We have gone to the school multiple times, the principle has spoken with the teacher as well as visits the classroom regularly but the bullying continues. Alayah's teacher has even taunted her for telling her parents she is being bullied. We feel there is more going on or the bullying is being encouraged. Alyah was instructed by her teacher to bring her lunch to the front of the class and lay it out on his teacher's desk. Alayah done as she was instructed. The teacher went through her lunch and began holding up the items in her lunch and saying, "Your sandwich - Junk, your yogurt - Junk, your grapes - Junk, your Capri Sun - Junk, your chip - Junk, now put it back into your box and go back to your seat." She put her head down and took her seat. He has called her up to tell Alayah her boots (UGG's from Nordstrom's) look uncomfortable and not to wear them and another time he taunted her about her blouse. All this is done in front of the entire class. Alayah is the only African American in her class. When she goes outside during recess, the bullying starts over imitation what the teacher has said and done in the classroom. Alayah has been told "You live in poverty and your brain is not expected to work like the other students." When the bully hears that, she taunts Alayah even more. My granddaughter doesn't even know anything about poverty.

When Alayah spends two to three hours on her homework because it's important for her to get it correct and turn it in the next day, the teacher tells Alayah he can't find her work and when he does find Alayah's homework, it marks it late and takes her grades down, when the bully hears that, then she's called "dumb" and "stupid". When my daughter takes her to school and Alayah enters the classroom at 8:29 a.m. Alayah is sent to the office and marked late however, the students coming in after Alayah are considered on time.
We live in a very affluent neighborhood and do quite well for ourselves, Alayah clothing or food is not subsidized like some of the students, she attends school with fresh clean clothes and shoes every day. My granddaughter, Alayah, attend Orinda Elementary School, El Sobrante, Ca. at least for the time being, we are searching for another school. Alayah is seven years old and these issues should be addressed to the parents and not the child.
So what do you do when the teacher is allowing or encouraging the bullying?

Extremely Outraged Grandparent

Shirley LeVias

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