Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bullying - Stop the Epidemic: Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic -
From No Limbs To No Limits

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My highest respect goes to this man. He never stops spreading his good words. Even he is born with disabilities he has never made it a reason to surrender and give up. Let's make him become an inspiration for those who experience bullying and other forms of teasing. And good to know that he never stop believing himself and most especially he never stop believing in God. I also want to share this safety application I found out from SafeKidZone called the Panic Button that works on mobile phones. Their application has lots of cool features like the safety network which composed of family members, trusted friends and neighbors. And this safety network will be alerted when the child or the subscriber presses the Panic Button when an emergency situation occurs. SafeKidZone has 24/7 Response Call Center and they can instantly route the emergency to the nearest 911 responders. SafeKidZone is connected to all responders like Police, Fire and ambulance/Medical team. This application is not just for kids or children but this also for the entire family .For further knowledge about this application, their website can be visited at:

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