Tuesday, April 17, 2012

'Ronan's Escape' - Short Film on Bullying [HD]

Winner of 9 international film awards, this stunning short film set in the rural wheat belt of Western Australia, provides a candid insight into the life of Ronan (David Lazzarus), a 14 yr old boy who's been bullied at school his whole life. This accurate & controversial portrayal of life for someone who has fallen victim to bullying and the repercussions which exist, is told by director A.J. Carter in a unique, visually exposition intensive format with very little use of dialogue.

Ronan's Escape presents arbitrary scenes rather than traditional storytelling techniques which provokes audience discussion and individual interpretation of the scenes while reflecting on their own personal experiences.

*Continue the experience: Official Ronan's Escape DVD with special features, script, behind the scenes, photo gallery and more available at www.RonansEscape.com.
An educational 'censored' DVD is also available for use in schools. Please visit www.RonansEscape.com and contact the producers for further information.

Written & Directed by: A.J. Carter [www.AJCarterFilms.com] [twitter.com/AJCarterFilms]
Format: 35mm / Super16mm
Filmed on location in Western Australia
Produced by Smooth Motion Films [www.smoothmotionfilms.com]

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