Monday, November 26, 2012

5 Powerful Tips to Share with your Children to Stop Bullying

Teach your children:

1. Bullying is not OK.  Bullying is not genetic, in other words you are not born with it in your DNA.  Bullying is not relative to race, culture, or gender, and is a behavior usually taught by someone you love or trust. Bullying is not a right of passage, and is not tolerable under any circumstances.

2. Stop.  Walk away.  Do not participate if a friend or group of friends are bullying another student.  When you’re feeling angry and mean, think about what you’re doing and stop.  Take a deep breath, and count to three.

3.  Be a friend.  Offer yourself as a friend to a student who is being bullied with a smile or kind word. Everybody is special and unique. Find out what makes the student being bullied special.

4.  Be brave.  If you are very brave, and feel safe, you can tell the bully to stop.  You have that right.

5.  Ask for help. Go to a trusted adult if you see another student being bullied.

Teach your children that they are powerful beings, and to use their power to respond to bullying in a positive way.

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