Thursday, November 29, 2012

8 Anti-Bullying Tips for Students

Anti-Bullying Tip #1: Be an upstander, not a bystander.

  • Bystanders walk by and ignore a situation; upstanders pay attention and, if needed, step up to help.

Anti-Bullying Tip #2: Be brave enough to not worry about what people are going to say or think about you.

  • Interrupting a moment of bullying takes courage; don’t let fear of what others might say or think about you stop you from doing the right thing.

Anti-Bullying Tip #3: Think about the bigger picture of what it means for the victim and those around you.

  • When you step up for and defend someone, you not only protect the person being victimized, you also send a message about how people are treated around you, letting others know that this kind of treatment is not okay.

Anti-Bullying Tip #4: Consider what it would feel like if someone defended you.

  • If you see someone getting bullied, think about what it would feel like if that were you. Then think about what it would feel like if someone stepped up for you in that moment.

Anti-Bullying Tip #5: You have the right to stop it.

  • You have the right to step in and stop bullying MORE than a bully has the right to intimidate, hurt and scare another person.

Anti-Bullying Tip #6: Don’t put yourself in a dangerous position, and don’t ignore the situation.

  • Do not be afraid to go get an adult or someone else nearby to help if it feels like you can’t handle it on your own. 

Anti-Bullying Tip #7: If it feels wrong, it probably is.

  • If whatever you are witnessing makes you feel uneasy, uncomfortable or bad, it’s probably because whatever’s going on is not okay. Trust your gut instincts.

Anti-Bullying Tip #8: When in doubt, be nice.

  • It’s as simple as that. Do the nice thing whenever possible.

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