Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Bully Poem

   The Bully Poem
Don’t laugh at me, don’t call me names,
Don’t take your pleasure from my pain.
I’m a little boy with glasses
The one they call a geek,
A little girl who never smiles
‘Cause I have braces on my teeth
And I know how it feels to cry myself to sleep
I’m that kid on every playground
Who’s always chosen last
A single teenage mother
Tryin’ to overcome my past
You don’t have to be my friend
But is it too much to ask: Don’t laugh at me
Don’t call me names
Don’t get your pleasure from my pain…
Don’t laugh at me. I’m fat, I’m thin, I’m short, I’m tall
I’m deaf, I’m blind, hey aren’t we all.

-Steve Seskin and Allen Shamblin,
“Don’t Laugh at Me”
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I remember learning this song in fourth grade. To this day, it makes me cry thinking about all the harassment I went through, and still go through, but was always too scared to say anything about. My fourth grade teacher taught us the sign language for this, and I still remember the signs for the "Don't laugh at me" part. This is also a book if memory serves.

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