Thursday, March 8, 2012

Anti-Bullying Blog's Word for the day: "Haters"

There is one thing that all dreamers have to face, and that is haters. You could call them critics, negative people, in-laws, or whatever else you want. The point is that when you have a dream, you're going to likely have to deal with resistance from others. The bigger and more public your dreams are, the more haters you're likely to have but don't let them hold you back or keep you down. Your dreams were meant for YOU to turn into a reality, not them. A lot of haters are just people who have already given up on their dreams and so they put others down just so they don't feel as bad.

If anything, when the day that you achieve your dreams come, it'll just feel that much greater knowing that you were able to prove your haters wrong. More importantly though, your accomplishment will inspire and give hope to other dreamers who are currently dealing with their own haters.

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