Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Disturbed with the bullying crisis, Stella Katsoudas, lead singer of Sister Soleil started an Anti-Bullying Campaign, encouraging victims of bullying and abuse to fight back with music and creative expression instead of violence and self-harm. "Even at a Whisper (Your Voice is Power)" was recorded at Glasswall Productions in Geneva, IL with a group of bullied kids who you can hear chanting in the chorus. The group of kids and Sister Soleil designed anti-bullying posters and organized an anti-bullying protest, "No Bullies Allowed", raising awareness and giving hope to victims. This song and it's message is meant to encourage using creative outlets and music to fight back instead of violence and in hopes of preventing teen suicide. This song is dedicated to anyone that has been bullied, anyone that is hurting right now and feels like they have no voice, anyone that is tormented for being who they are and everyone that has ever been bullied. We care and we are here for you.

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It's obvious that the bullies that our children are dealing with aren't the same bullies that we faced in school. If you think your child is being bullied please check out this guide. It might help you both get through it, as a team:

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