Monday, March 12, 2012

ANTI-BULLYING ~ It takes ALL of US to put an end to Bullying

Recognizing the Warning Signs


1. Comes home with damaged or missing clothing or other belongings
2. Reports losing items such as books, electronics, clothing, or jewelry
3. Has unexplained injuries
4. Complains frequently of headaches, stomachaches, or feeling sick
5. Has trouble sleeping or has frequent bad dreams
6. Has changes in eating habits
7. Hurts themselves
8. Are very hungry after school from not eating their lunch
9. Runs away from home
10. Loses interest in visiting or talking with friends
11. Is afraid of going to school or other activities with peers
12. Loses interest in school work or begins to do poorly in school
13. Appears sad, moody, angry, anxious or depressed when they come home
14. Talks about suicide
15. Feels helpless
16. Often feels like they are not good enough
17. Blames themselves for their problems
18. Suddenly has fewer friends
19. Avoids certain places
20. Acts differently than usual

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