Thursday, March 15, 2012

Anti-Bullying Pics of the day

By The Bully Blog with 2 comments


Bullying is when a person in a position of power (physically or socially) actively intimidates, humiliates, or otherwise abuses someone weaker. Yet though, this cruel reality is existing, and still increasing, parents have their choice to stand up and protect every child. Be wise, and make your children's phone a safety device. Check, Download, and Prevent your life.

I agree that bulling is often a bully picking on someone "weak". I prefer the term "meek" as I believe the bully is weak, and they prey on the meek.
In my particular case (my daughter) the bullying began because my daughter was actually stronger. She choose NOT to cower, to obey, to follow and to worship the bully. Because of her bravery, she has become the target. My daughter stood up for the children who had been victimized and didn't have the strength to speak up for them selves and openly address the bully's actions. Now she is the victim. The stronger one, the one willing to stand up to the bully is now the one being dragged.
There is no safety in being weak, meek, forgiving, strong or otherwise when a bully is on the hunt.

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