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As a parent, the last thing that you want if for your child to be in pain of any kind, and that is why it is so important to do everything you can to stop bullying. Many parents are unaware of the problems that their children are having before it is too late. By taking action and staying involved in your child’s life, you can spare them the misery and humiliation of being a victim any longer.

1. Go to the School

The first step to stop bullying as a parent should always be to take the problem to the school. Your child’s teacher should be your first stop, and you should ask them about the school’s anti bullying policy. If one is not in place, you should inquire about what is going to be done in order to punish the bully and keep your child safe at school.

If the bullying persists after you have spoken to the teacher, or if you are unsatisfied with the answers or actions you receive, you should not hesitate as a parent to take the issue higher up the chain of command to the principle. The principle has greater disciplinary measures at hand, and has the means to put an end to your child’s problem.

2. Educate Your Child

Although your child may not talk to you and tell you what is going on in their lives, you can help to stop bullying by educating them on how to handle abusive situations. It is important however, that when teaching them this, you do not promote violent acts to combat violence. This will only make matters worse for your child, and continue the circle of hatred that is already present.

Instead, teach your child tactics such as avoidance, or self defense measures that include holds and blocks which will not harm the bully while your child protects themselves. Another strategy is to teach your child that it is better to just walk away and ignore the bully. By doing this, they are showing the bully that they can do nothing to harm them, and the bully will eventually go away.

3. Report the Problem to the Authorities

If you have tried to give your child the means to protect themselves or avoid a fight or if you have gone to the school and reported the acts of violence against your child, then your next step may be taking the information to the authorities. In severe cases of bullying, it is necessary to involve the law in an effort to stop bullying.

When faced with criminal charges or the possibility of having a permanent record, a bully will often back down and leave the victim in peace. If a firm warning from the law does not do the trick, further measures can be taken.

It is not easy to stop bullying and provide your child with a peaceful environment in which to learn and grow. However, with the help of the tips above you can protect your child from harm, and give them the backup they need to take a stand for themselves.

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