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Bullying Prevention Tips:



Bullying Prevention Tips:

Children Who Bully
Responses to Bullying
Tips for Parents
How to Intervene at School
Misdirection in Bullying Interventions
State Laws Related to Bullying<
Warning Signs of Bullying
What you should do if you are bullied
What we know about bullying
Intervention tips for law enforcement
The Scope and Impact of bullying
Advice from "Tween" experts
Involvement for law enforcement
Sample Newsletter for Bullying
Steps to addess bullying in your school
Roles for health and safety professionals
What students can do
Bullying Tip #18 in pdf
Research Based Articles
Documenting Bullying for Administrators
Cyber Bullying Fact Sheet
MySpace Bullying
Cyber Bullying Legal Issues
Cyber Bullying Warning Signs

Tips for students: 

   1. If bullied, tell your parents, teachers and/or school administrators. Telling is NOT tattling if you feel hurt or scared. It is reporting.
    2. Do not retaliate or get even
    3. Respond evenly without losing your temper and in a firm voice or say nothing and get away.
    4. Stand by each other. If you watch, laugh, or ignore, you are part of the problem. It is your school !!!!
    5. Act Confident
    6. Be aware of your surroundings no matter where you are
    7. Avoid unsupervised areas
    8. Do not bring expensive items to school

Tips for schools:

  • Establish a Bully prevention committee and include counselors, teachers, parents, students and administration  
  • Create a plan to handle student concerns and reporting
  • Teach tips for dealing with bullying and resolving conflicts to ALL your students
  • Establish classroom and school rules against bullying
  • Establish positive and negative consequences that you enforce for everyone
  • Get bystanders motivated to help by reporting safely and confidentially, befriending or understanding victims, listening to each other and understanding how to deal with conflicts and emotions appropriately. Friends showing bullying behaviors can usually be stopped by their own friends too. 
  • Facilitate the development of trusting relationships between each student and at least one adult. RELATIONSHIPS ARE KEY!!!

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