Thursday, January 19, 2012

Antibullying Tips and Techniques to Stop Bullying

1. First, make sure your child knows this is not his/her fault.

2. Encourage your child to share with you each day what is happening to them. 

3. Explain the things a this person says are not true and that bullies are usually low in self esteem.

4. Make an appointment with the teacher and explain clearly what has happened and create an action plan for future events. 

5. Tell your child to ask an adult for help if they are approached by the bully. 

6. Explain to your child that the other child is looking for a reaction so to try and not react at all, simply walk away. 

7. If the other child follows, ask your child to say STOP IT, Do NOT DO THAT or other such phrases in a loud voice. 

8. Continue to keep in touch with the school and keep lines of communication open. The school may bring the parentsof the other child in for a joint meeting.

9. Remind you child not to fight back. Stay safe and try to stay away from the other child.

10. Remind your child you are always there to help them and that you are proud they came to you with this problem.

Bullying can cause a lot of stress for your child. Managing stress is a very important part of managing a bullying situation.

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