Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tips for the Bully Bystander

So what can a bystander do? Here’s some tips:
  1. Distract the bully—a bystander can talk or intervene, giving the victim a chance to escape
  2. Sit with a target at lunch or in class (especially after an incident)
  3. Stand next to the victim and walk away, together
  4. Call the victim at home and offer support
  5. Verbally say to the bully to “back off—this isn’t cool or funny” or other ways to convince the bully they are in the wrong.
  6. Let the child know that many of their peers also think bullying is wrong and want to stand up—they just may not know how
  7. Talk to your child and have them come up with ideas about what they could say or do to help a victim
  8. Have your child role-play specific situations and responses. Give them encouragement
  9. Listen to your child’s fears and concerns about the risks of standing up and encourage them to find their own solutions. See if they can get friends to support this with them as well
  10. Encourage your child to confidentially tell a trusted adult (ideally you and someone at school)
  11. Share with them the “Pink Shirt Gang Story” that can be found on this site. It should inspire them to find solutions with peers

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