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Warning Signs of Someone Being Bullied:

What Is Bullying?

Bullying involves the harassment/terrorism of an individual. Forms may include physical, emotional, verbal, sexual or racial teasing or torment. The bullying may also involve exclusion or isolation and can occur face to face, in writing or via the Internet.

Warning Signs of Someone Being Bullied: 
  • Pattern of withdrawal, shame, fearfulness
  • Onset of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem
  • Persistent, vague, unexplained physical complaints
  • Damaged or missing belongings
  • Unexplained bruises or injuries
  • Diminished social contacts
  • Excuses to avoid school; decline in grades
  • Trouble sleeping or eating
If Your Child is Being Bullied: 
  • Take the situation seriously and actively intervene early
  • Calmly encourage your child to talk about it and get the facts: who, when, where, what
  • Prepare your child to respond internally and behaviorally
  • Partner with and involve school officials and/or police
  • Follow up
  • Partner with your child to cope and boost their self-confidence
  • Know when to seek professional help
If You Are Being Bullied: 
  • Know who you are
    "If you incorporate what the bully is saying about you into your own mindset, then you take over for them," Dr. Phil says. "You've got to know who you are, you've got to say, รข€lNo way, no how is that who I am.'" 
  • Recognize you are not the problem, the bully is the problem
    "There is something wrong with kids who get pleasure in inflicting pain on other people," Dr. Phil says. 
  • Use body language and eye contact " think and walk with pride and confidence 
  • Prepare your responses in advance
    "If someone is picking on you, think ahead what you want to say. You don't want to get into verbal jousting, but you might want to say something to the person that calls it into focus," Dr. Phil says. "You might ask them, 'Why does it entertain you to try to inflict pain on me?' Whatever it is you decide to say, decide ahead of time so you're not getting lockjaw under pressure." 
  • Minimize contact with the bully but don't hide 
  • Try calmly talking to the bully one on one 
  • Create alliances for strength in numbers 
  • Report the bullying " telling is not tattling 

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